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About Us

Olympus Care Services was formed on 1st April 2012 as a limited company wholly owned by Northamptonshire County Council.  We provide a range of care and support services throughout Northamptonshire for adults with disabilities and older people.

In April 2017 Olympus Care Services and Adult Social Care were brought together to form NASS, Northamptonshire Adult Social Services with a combined vision to increase the wellbeing and outcomes of all adults in Northamptonshire. We want to provide the opportunity for the County’s adults to live well, age well and stay well in a manner that helps people to take charge of their lives or be supported when they genuinely cannot help themselves. Our operational ambition to deliver this is that ’We will be a high performing customer focused adults’ service that is well run and led in an open culture that supports its staff and is focussed on delivering its purpose’

We aspire to provide the best possible service to every individual we support and we strongly believe that it is our role to promote their independence and respect the decisions they make. Our aim is to do everything we can to make our customers’ aspirations a reality.

All of our actions stem from our key values of:


Everything we do is based on these principles and our priority is always our customers and the quality of support that we provide.

Testimonials - Olympus Care Services


  • "I really looked forward to coming to the caravan and it was all good. I was able to access the kitchen and made myself tea and toast. I slept very well and easily used the shower. We went to McDonalds and a party on the beach. I l liked the funfair the best and went on the twister which made me laugh. I would like to come again and stay longer." Disabled customer from Northamptonshire  
  • I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support and insight shared with me.  Your notes are valuable and I believe that your extra efforts to ensure that the services received are working as intended and are tailored around the person’s needs and wishes is commendable, so please accept my formal compliment for your work.   Assistive Technology compliment 3
  • "I had previously booked in a lifeline appointment with Emile for today to visit my Granddad and to set up a lifeline for him. I have just spoken to my mum, who attended the visit too and she is super pleased with the work Emile did for Granddad.  Mum mentioned how polite Emile was and how he went above and beyond to get Granddad set up and get him to understand how the lifeline works.  Mum wanted me to feed this back as she feels Emile definitely needed some recognition for his hard work. "   assistive technology compliment 2
  • Many thanks for the quick response and your support in this matter, an outstanding job by you and your company
    Assistive Technology compliment 1
  • Ridgway House: As a family we would like to extend our grateful thanks to you all.  Every last one of you treated him with the dignity, care and respect that he deserved.  His words were " You couldn't have found me anywhere nicer."  The food was some of the best he had ever tasted and this was praise indeed from a farmer. Ridgeway compliment 28/12/17
  • "I love being here.  I have only been here one week and you have already helped me." Testimonial ComOps PD – Gladstone Resource Centre CLY-1718-0077
  • "I cannot express my thanks and gratitude enough the whole team from start to finish. Marks out of 100 = 100. I received so much support and some pointers in approaching things in a different way. I am always grateful taking on advice which is in my own recovery." Testimonial CRT MBaker
  • "I wanted to explain in more detail what a marked improvement I have seen in my son William since he began attending The Hub at Olympus in Weston Favell.  I had been trying for some months to find a way of enriching his life and finally got a referral to you through NCC First For Wellbeing. The bombshell of his asperger syndrome diagnosis at 16 made us feel completely isolated and alone. He now feels well supported, has made friends and feels completely safe attending youth club on a Tuesday evening, because everyone there has similar mental health issues. Thank you Tracey for being our “parachute” at a time when both William an I felt as though we has just been tossed out of an aeroplane!" Testimonial Youth Club Northampton CLY-1718-0094
  • "A professional team, overall really good." Testimonial START South CLY-1718-0066
  • "A Big thank you t all the carers who have made G's transition to home easier." Testimonial START North CLY-1718-0090