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Miriam’s Story – EADS Success

Miriam’s Story – EADS Success

Miriam had been to University but was unable to complete her degree due to her health at that time. Despite carrying out some short term temporary roles, Miriam really struggled to find a permanent role and needed some support. She was referred to the Employment and Disability Service (EADS) by her local Job Centre, and soon met with Delia.

Delia helped Miriam to identify suitable opportunities, supported her to complete job applications and carried out work around preparing for interviews. Delia approached VSG to see if they could offer Miriam a role. Miriam then went to meet Kim from VSG with the support of EADS, to chat about her experience and see whether she might be suitable. The great news was that Kim saw the potential and was really keen to give Miriam a chance, so she offered her a job role as an Administrator!

Miriam is getting on so well at work; she feels that her colleagues and managers are all very supportive. There is still lots more to learn so she is taking on overtime in other teams to build on her knowledge and skills. Miriam describes working at VSG as being a “fun working environment”. Miriam’s ideal goal is to save up enough to be able to move out and get her own place, but for now she is planning on going to Wales to ride the Megafobia rollercoaster!

Miriam’s employer says:

“To make sense of things, you must first understand that VSG is a family and therefore when recruiting for any position we look hard at ensuring we get the right job for the right person. Built on the basis of having a core (our Head Office) each team member plays a pivotal role in the success of our business and the safety and security of our colleagues and our clients. To be fair, when using the word ‘disability’ the only one that matters to us is the one of ‘not caring’.

Miriam recently attended one of our Town Hall meetings where she partook in an open and confident conversation with our MD. Miriam was quoted in stating that when working with VSG ‘I see each employee as a grain of rice and when put together we make a perfect dish’. Miriam simply cares and this shows in all she does.”

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