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Falls prevention


Hearing impairment

Physical frailty

Sight impairment

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The Virtual house aims to provide a clearer understanding about Olympus’ product offering. Learn more about each item and how our products can help you in your daily life. For individuals with sight impairments audio descriptions are available by clicking the speaker icon.

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Explore the model of the house that we’ve created for you. As you browse the different rooms within the house, icons such as this + will appear.

Click or touch the + to learn more.

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After you have finished exploring the house, review the order by clicking on "your basket". Once you are happy, proceed to check out and maka a payment to complete your order.

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Use the navigation bar below to select which room you would like to view. Simply press each of the circles to change from room to room.

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The ‘plus’ icon below gives you an idea of where products can be used. Simply click or press the ‘plus’ to learn more about each product.

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You will find these symbols throughout the house, they are here to help you.

If the green heart symbol appears next to a product, that product will only work with the Tunstall lifeline. The purple circles indicate where in your home a product may work best.

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Before adding your products to the basket, you will need to select an installation or delivery option. Some products require a professional engineer to install the equipment.

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Once the product has been added to your basket it will appear in the far right circle. You can keep an eye on what has been added to your basket by hovering over it with your mouse.

Once clicked, this will open a new browser window, which will proceed to "your basket".

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome

To improve your user experience, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser.

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