Permanent Keysafe

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This Supra Permanent GE AccessPoint KeySafe provides convenient key storage for up to 5 door keys, depending on the key type and length.

This Key safe box is designed for peace of mind.   The smallest permanent Key safe box in our range, this external keysafe can be installed very discretely behind pipework or inside meter boxes, which protects it from the eye of would-be opportunists, whilst easing your mind that in the event of lost or mislaid keys, you won’t be stranded or forced to shell out on a locksmith.

This outdoor key safe is supplied complete with a weather cover and fixings

This KeySafe is designed for use in conjunction with alarm systems, locked gates and other security measures.
With the recommend 5 to 7 digits in your combination code there are over 1000 possible combinations
  • Easy to install, no maintenance or power source required You can change your code as many times as you want to maintain security
  • Comes complete with a black neoprene weather cover to protect it from the elements which, as an added security feature, acts to shield the KeySafe fascia from view
  • Includes installation instructions and a code setting tool which must be used to set or change the code
  • Includes a set of recommended fixings to install onto to any brick or concrete surface, these are self tapping masonry screws to install directly into the substrate without the need for rawl plugs

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Technical Description

Installation requires a 4mm masonry drill bit and self tapping masonry screws.


*Approximate Measurements

  • Weight: 900g


Changing your code

Installation Instructions


Additional Information


Epilepsy, Falls prevention, Forgetfulness, Hearing impairment, Physical frailty, Sight impairment




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