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Refer a friend

Refer a Friend and receive £100 in Love to Shop Vouchers

how does it work?

  • If you’re a NASS employee*, you can recommend your friends and family.
  • You give us a few details about you and about your friend
  • We’ll email you with more information about the offer which you can forward to your friend as they must be offered a position within 90 days of your recommendation.
  • Your friend can apply online, or they can apply through
  • Once your friend is offered a position and has remained in service for three months you will then receive £100 in Love to Shop Vouchers
Fields marked with an * are required

Your Details

We will use these details to check your eligibility to refer your friend.
Please ensure that your details are correct or both yours and your friend's offer payments might be delayed or not get paid.

Your Friend's Details

We use your friend's details to match your referral once they have been employed with us.
Please ensure that your friend's details are correct or both yours and your friend's offer payments might be delayed or not get paid.

Any Questions?

Find out all about volunteering opportunities with our frequently asked questions below.

What details do I need to get from my friend?

As well as your details, you’ll need your friend’s name, surname, date of birth and email address. These details are used to match your friend’s details with the correct application. Please ensure you have your friend’s permission to pass us these details.

How many friends can I recommend?

You can recommend as many friends as you’d like, but we will only pay you a maximum of £500 in any tax year.

Will you contact my friends and ask them to open the account?

No, we won’t contact your friends to tell them you’ve recommended them, so please let them know by forwarding on the email we send you as they must be offered a position within NASS within 90 days of your recommendation.

When will you give me the £100?

The payment will not be made until your friend has completed three months in NASS service. The vouchers will be sent to you through your supervisor/manager once the threee months minimum service has been completed by your friend. If you have recommended more than one friend, the payments will be made separately once each friend has completed the qualifying three months.

I gave you my friend’s details ages ago and haven’t received my vouchers yet. Why not?

We can only make payments once your friend’s job application has been accepted. Please check with your friend that they have started a job application with us. If they have, and it’s past the three months qualifying period, please let us know and we will check the status of your payment. Please note we can’t discuss the status of your friend’s application with you.

I’ve recommended three friends but you’ve only sent me £200 Love to Shop vouchers. Why is this?

It may be that only two of your friends have applied for a position, or that one of their applications was rejected. Please contact them to check. If your friends believe they have all completed their qualifying periods, let us know and we will check the status of your payment.

I know more people who want to apply for a job – can I recommend them as well?

Yes, you can recommend them in the same way you recommended your original friend(s). Remember that the maximum we will pay you is £500 in any tax year.

You’ve already paid me £500 Love to Shop vouchers. If I recommend other people, will I still get £100 Love to Shop vouchers?

The offer is limited to 5 successful recommendations in any tax year. Any subsequent successful recommendations within this period, over the limit of 5, will not attract a payment

Our Services

We provide a range of care and support services throughout Northamptonshire for adults with disabilities and older people. We aspire to provide the best possible service to every individual we support and we strongly believe that it is our role to promote their independence and respect the decisions they make. Our aim is to do everything we can to make our customers’ aspirations a reality.

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Seeking Advice

Seeking Advice?

Whatever your age, whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one, social care services can seem complicated and confusing. Speak to a member of our friendly staff today for a home assessment.

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