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Shared Lives carers in Northamptonshire join together

Shared Lives carers in Northamptonshire join together in national celebration of unique and growing form of family based Social Care

  • Northamptonshire Shared Lives Scheme celebrates national Shared Lives week with a range of events across the county
  • #AllAboutTheMatch theme highlights unique Shared Lives approach of matching people who share common interests, hobbies and experiences

Shared Lives carers across Northamptonshire are coming together this week (17-25th October) to highlight the fourth annual Shared Lives week, a UK wide event to celebrate and promote the innovative and growing “Shared Lives” model of care.

Shared Lives carers open their home, family and community life to an adult over age of 16 years old, who needs care or support to help them live well.

Local schemes individually match trained and approved Shared Lives carers with people who need their support. This approach is now one of the fastest growing forms of social care, with an additional 1300 people last year choosing Shared Lives as a unique way to feel independent, but not alone.

In Northamptonshire there are over 100 customers supported by 56 carers.  There is a Shared Lives scheme in almost every area of the UK, with over 12,000 people being supported in Shared Lives arrangements by 9000 Shared Lives carers on either a long or a short term basis.

Across Northamptonshire we are holding information stands at the following venues:

Kettering General Hospital and town centre – Monday 19th October - 10am - 2pm
Northampton General Hospital and town centre – Tuesday 20th October - 10am - 2pm
Danetre Hospital, Daventry and town centre – Wednesday 21st October – 10am – 2pm
Isebrook Hospital, Wellingborough and town centre – Friday 23rd October – 10am – 2pm

For more information or details about becoming a Shared Lives Carer or how to access the service please call Shared Lives team on 01604 764583 or email

AUTHOR - EGibbins 19/10/15

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